Elbow - List of Songs

Has 13 songs in the following movies and television shows

Limitless - Poster
Brian returns home after the confrontation with his mother and contemplates lighting up his bong; the power comes back on in the city.
Reign - Poster
Lola & Catherine discuss the Royalty's attempt at having their daughters become a mistress for Frances; Conde and Mary makes plans to meet in the wine cellar; Antoine informs Conde he's arranged a meeting for him with Elizabeth's envoy; Narcisse introduces Frances to his niece, Amelie.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Derek agrees with Meredith's statement that she'll be a bad mother; the doctors work on Sarah, a survivor of the plane crash; several of the victim's families decide to stay to support Sarah.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Owen tells Cristina she's not going to be Chief Resident; Lucy tells Alex that she took the job in Africa.
Roswell - Poster
The Air Force take the videotape showing Isabel using her powers; Maria tells Liz to forgive Max or give him up.