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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack

14 Seasons

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Complete List of Songs

  • Worried About
    Cristina knocks on Meredith's bedroom door & Meredith invites her to climb into bed with her and Derek.
    Tom Andrew
  • Sheep In Wolves' Clothing
    Ash Koley
    Teddy, Meredith & April talk about Gretchen. Derek and Owen talk about Meredith and Cristina.The residents tease April.
    Tom Andrew
  • Greg Laswell
    Derek talks with Cristina about her potential; Richard makes Alex get into an elevator again; Mark talks with Tess about skin grafts.
    Tom Andrew
  • Cary Brothers
    Alex & Richard continue riding the elevator.; The residents tease April about being a virgin until she points out everyone else's problems; Owen & Cristina cuddle on the couch.
    Tom Andrew


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