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Episode 4

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Episode 4 • Can't Fight Biology

You Got What I Need - Joshua Radin

You Got What I Need

Joshua Radin

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Alex tries to convince Jake that having a prosthetic leg won't be that bad; Jake dances for his parents, Alex, Arizona & Callie.

Refresh Me

V V Brown

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The residents get together for lunch in the basement; Owen pages Cristina to the OR to tell her about a house listing; Alex searches for the bone replacement operation April mentioned as Arizona & Callie talk about Mark.

Don't Be Fooled - Walking Sleep

Don't Be Fooled

Walking Sleep

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The residents share Meredith's bathroom; Mark walks in on Callie & Arizona in bed; Cristina & Owen look at a house; Meredith & Derek chat while waiting for their doctor.

Tumblin' Down

Jenna Andrews

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Meredith makes Lila promise to see her doctor about her hand tremors; Bailey tells Ivan he'll be fine if he stops with the worms, then Cristina tells him that all the worms died; Alex talks up Mark to Arizona.

Until The Last Falling Star - Matthew Perryman Jones

Until The Last Falling Star

Matthew Perryman Jones

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Teddy tests Avery on a CABG procedure then tells him to stop flirting; Meredith asks Cristina to a blood sample so she can be tested for the Alzheimer gene.

Further - Correatown



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Derek tells Meredith he doesn't want her to get tested for the Alzheimer gene and that whatever happens, happens; Cristina surprises Owen with their new house.


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