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Grey's Anatomy - S10E3 Soundtrack

Everybody's Crying Mercy

2.1k liked songs • 1.3M views • music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas

Complete List of Songs

  • Because Of YouC2C ft Pigeon John
    C2C ft Pigeon John
    Baby Bailey's crying wakes up Sofia & Zola; Arizona picks out an outfit; Bailey looks in on Richard; Cristina looks at the residents than climbs into bed with Alex.
  • White LiesMax Frost
    Max Frost
    Avery discovers that Owen transfered his patient; the board freaks over Owen's decisions.
  • Swimming Pools (Drank)Kendrick Lamar, SZA
    Kendrick Lamar, SZA
    Meredith rushes to the hospital and consults with Shane; Jo tells Leah & Stephanie they can't study at her place that night; Callie calls time of death on April's patient then insists that Leah fulfill the patient's wishes.
  • All Fall DownGarrison Starr ft AG
    Garrison Starr ft AG
    Avery informs April she passed her boards; Callie, April & Leah inform the patient's family of her death; Derek shows up at the hospital looking for Meredith; Shane tells Meredith & Bailey that he did what needed to be done.
  • You & I (Nobody In This World)John Legend
    John Legend
    Jo & Alex head for his bedroom; Cristina suggests to Owen that they date other people; Callie tells Arizona she should go to counseling without her.


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