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Official Soundtrack

One Tree Hill (Soundtrack from the TV Show)14 songs
25 Jan 2005
One Tree Hill, Vol. 2: Friends With Benefit (Music from the WB Television Series)17 songs
7 Feb 2006
The Road Mix: Music from the Television Series One Tree Hill, Vol. 316 songs
2 Apr 2007
Feel This (From the Hit TV Show "One Tree Hill") - Single2 songs
12 May 2008
Halo (From One Tree Hill) - Single1 song
14 Feb 2011
Crimson Lullaby (One Tree Hill) - Single1 song
7 Oct 2016


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    Laura Kuhlmann0 points ago
    I am a big fan of oth..I was woindering if someone could help me find a song that was play on the show.. It was season 3 episode was the first quarter of a ravens game and the song that was playing I can't find it..if anyone could help me find the name and singer of that song I would greatly appreciate it
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    Whitney Johnson0 points ago
    What is the song playing while Lucas and Peyton are talking on the deck at the party just before Nathan plays the tape of Dan & Karen? 😊
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    lay444@gmail.com0 points ago
    Does anyone know if `I'll Always Love You` by Michael Campion is available anywhere?
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