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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack [2005]

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Episode 22

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Season 7

Episode 22 • Unaccompanied Minor

Way To The Future - Katie Herzig

Way To The Future

Katie Herzig

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Meredith & Derek are visited by the social worker at their partially constructed home; Derek & Meredith talk about the trial at work; Owen tells Derek they need to talk about his trial.

Brighter - Morgan Taylor Reid

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The residents and doctors wait for the plane crash victims to arrive; The Chief tells Alex he wants a written account of what he saw Meredith do; Mark tells Avery he won't interfere with his relationship with Lexie.

Anything But You - Civalias

Anything But You


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Teddy kisses Henry, then tells him she's falling in love with him; exie asks Mark to let her go; Avery congratulates April on becoming Chief Resident.

In Front of You

The Quiet Kind

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Owen tells Cristina to get out of their apartment; Ben tells Bailey he wants to meet her son; Cristina & Meredith fill each other in on their days; Lucy asks Alex to tell her not to go to Africa; Meredith holds Zola as she tries to get hold of Derek; Derek camps out in their partially completed house.

Lippy Kids - Elbow

Lippy Kids


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Derek agrees with Meredith's statement that she'll be a bad mother; the doctors work on Sarah, a survivor of the plane crash; several of the victim's families decide to stay to support Sarah.


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