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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 21

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Season 2

Episode 21 • Javianna

One Small Step


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Dixon tells Navid to stop torturing himself looking at articles of Adrianna & Javier's date.

Fade Away (Acoustic)

Diego Boneta

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Javier serenades Adrianna at dinner; Teddy stops by to see Silver.

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Naomi complains to Liam about Jen's financial restrictions.

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Teddy & Silver kiss while he tells her about tennis practice; Naomi asks silver if she & Teddy have had sex; Navid watches as Javier brings Adrianna flowers & they drive off.

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Navid complains to the guys about Javier.

La Danseuse De Samba

Alexandra Roos

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Ivy invites Dixon to Australia with her and her mom.

Haven't Been Drinkin'

Jessica Lowndes

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Adrianna performs as Navid leaves the bracelet in her dressing room; Ivy & Dixon get into an argument over money; Dixon & Silver commiserate over their break-ups; Ivy tells her mom that she broke up with Dixon.

To Lose My Life

White Lies

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Liam calls Naomi to talk, but she lies to him & ends the call so she can follow Jen.

Stamp Of Love

Jessica Lowndes

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Adrianna performs as a drunken Dixon & Silver making out in a broom closet, then they agree forget about the kiss; Ivy re-invites Dixon to Australia.

Cold Dust Girl

Hey Champ

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Naomi interrupts Javier reassuring Adrianna before her first solo performance; Navid meets Dixon at the concert & shows him the bracelet he got Adrianna.

Slow Burn

Marc Bonilla

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Naomi confronts Jen about the guy she's with, only to find out Jen is pregnant.


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