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Episode 22

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Season 2

Episode 22 • Confessions

July Flame

Laura Veirs

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Javier tells Adrianna his invitation to tour with him is still open & Navid urges her to go.

Siempre Tu

Diego Boneta

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Javier performs; Naomi urges Silver to talk to Teddy; Silver tells Teddy she was wrong & it's his decision if they can be together; a drunk Ryan tells Laurel he was excited about being a father.

Feeling The Pull

The Swell Season

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Annie & Liam try out his boat.

The High Road

Broken Bells

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The torch passing ceremony; Naomi heads home.

Little Ghost

Elevator Fight

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Naomi's car refuses to start.

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Dixon & Ivy's science teacher talks about the universe expanding.

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Naomi & Silver arrive at the 'Pass The Torch' party.

Breakin' The Chains Of Love

Fitz and The Tantrums

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Naomi runs after Liam during her phys ed class.


Darwin Deez

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Naomi barges in on Jen's ultrasound, then takes money out of Jen's purse to pay for parking.


Your Twenties

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Dixon tries to convince Ivy to go to the 'Pass The Torch' party.

Jukebox Heroes

Now On

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Naomi explains to Silver why she's in a good mood, then asks her why she broke up with Teddy; Javier meets Adrianna at the party.

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Adrianna & Javier leave the concert in New York.

Girl With One Eye

Florence + the Machine

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Ryan hits a car & the school sign while driving drunk; Liam tell Annie she can call him if she need him; Annie goes to confess to her parents; Liam returns to the dock & finds out thatA0 Jasper set his boat on fire.


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