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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 1

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Season 3

Episode 1 • Senior Year, Baby

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Silver tells Naomi about Teddy's injury; Teddy joins them at the pool party & they toast to moving on; Silver tries to cheer Teddy up but he tells her she wouldn't understand.

I'm Not The One - The Black Keys

I'm Not The One

The Black Keys

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Annie tells Liam about her interview for the internship; they kiss; continues as Annie stops them .

Turn It On - Franz Ferdinand

Turn It On

Franz Ferdinand

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Dixon tries to convince Ivy to spend some time alone.

Little Lady - General Elektriks

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Naomi gets into a fight while shopping for a dress.

It's A Feast - Shawn Anthony

It's A Feast

Shawn Anthony

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Navid drives by with stereo blaring as Annie runs after Liam to beg for a ride downtown.

Siempre Tu - Diego Boneta

Siempre Tu

Diego Boneta

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Adrianna calls Navid from the limo while traveling with Javier.

Dear Mr. President - Fitz and The Tantrums

Dear Mr. President

Fitz and The Tantrums

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Debbie walks with Annie & Dixon to their first day of senior year; Navid, Teddy & Silver join them after their mom leaves.

Somebody New - The Amplifetes

Somebody New

The Amplifetes

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Dixon tells Ivy that he has something important to tell her; continues as Naomi hooks up with a classmate & his friends.

Saying Goodbye

Jessica Lowndes

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Annie is offered the internship; Teddy kicks out the guys watching Naomi strip; Oscar hits on Ivy, then goes and kisses her mom; Silver walks in on Naomi trying to kiss Teddy; Adrianna performs a song for Navid.

Clear Night - Maimon and The Mongoose Band

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Dixon & Ivy exchange 'I love you's.


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