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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 2

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Season 3

Episode 2 • Age Of Inheritance

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Naomi's birthday party starts.

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Performed as the guys arrives at the party; Ivy confronts Dixon about his encounter with the bachlorette party.

Forget Me Now

Marisa Cristina

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Naomi screens her party guests; Silver accuses Naomi of lying about not remembering the night she kissed Teddy.

Help IÂ’m Alive


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Annie meets up with Charlie at the party; Silver tells Teddy that Naomi lied, then she gets upset when she finds out he was drinking; Charlie & Annie discuss Naomi's party.

Floating Vibes

Surfer Blood

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Dixon thanks Navid & Teddy for hanging out with him & Oscar.

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The guys play darts, then run into a bachlorette party group.

Dreaming Of Another World

Mystery Jets

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Annie accidentally spill her drink aspiring screenwriter, Charlie; Silver arrives at school.

Win Someday

Sofi Bonde

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Naomi is told she now has access to her trust fund.

Rock In The City Tonight

Lisa Mychols

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Naomi tells Adrianna not to worry about Laurel liking her new song, then Naomi chatters on about her birthday party plans.

Go For Miles

Tight White Jeans

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Adrianna asks Silver to distract her with gossip.

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Adrianna & Annie ask Naomi why she lied about kissing Teddy.

Sea of Love

Cat Power

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Oscar pays the bachlorette party group & thanks them for their great performance; Charlie tries to patch things up with Liam; Mr. Cannon rewatches video of Silver saying he's great.


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