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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 20

Episode 20 • Women On The Verge

Love Lost - The Temper Trap

Love Lost

The Temper Trap

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Max tells Naomi he's going to Cal Tech instead of MIT so he can be with her; Jen arrives at Ryan's apartment.

Go Outside - Cults

Go Outside


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Marco turns down Teddy's future date suggestions.

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Jen tells Ryan that she feels like a parenting failure compared to him, then asks him for another chance.

Talk About The Blues - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Teddy picks up Marco for dinner.

Cool Jerk - The Capitols

Cool Jerk

The Capitols

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Everyone dances at the film screening's 60s party; Max surprises Naomi by showing up at the party.

Jenny, Jenny - The Urges

Jenny, Jenny

The Urges

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Marla, Annie & friends ride in a limo to the film screening, then walk the red carpet.

Take Me Over - Cut Copy

Take Me Over

Cut Copy

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Naomi tells Max she's wearing her lucky thong because she hasn't found out if she's getting into CU yet.

Flying Into The Sun

Jamie Laboz

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Marla thanks Annie for making her come to the film screening then gives Annie her necklace.

Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars

Poison and Wine

The Civil Wars

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Adrianna lies down in bed beside Navid; Annie arrives at Marla's house only to find a note thanking her for a wonderful send off.


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