The Temper Trap - List of Songs

Has 25 songs in the following movies and television shows

I Still Believe - Poster
Jeremy and Melissa going out and spending time together.
Riverdale - Poster
Archie works out with a punching bag as his dad comes in to comment on his shift from music to sports.
Class - Poster
Tanya arrives at school; Ram intentionally bumps into Charlie; students mention Kevin having gone missing; April asks Tanya to help decorate for prom.
Wolf Creek 2 - Poster
Song on the radio as the man picks up Katarina after she escapes from Mick.
90210 - Poster
Max tells Naomi he's going to Cal Tech instead of MIT so he can be with her; Jen arrives at Ryan's apartment.
I Am Number Four - Poster
John visits Sarah's website when he gets home from school.
No Strings Attached - Poster
Emma and Adam are on the way go to Emma's sister wedding.
Tomorrow, When the War Began - Poster
They're road trip begins as they drive over the mountains.
Chuck - Poster
Chuck tells Sarah he loves her & asks her to leave with him; repeats as Casey tells Sarah that he killed the mole; Chuck waits at the train station for Sarah.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Clay & Quinn talk as he gets ready to meet a client; Nate tells Haley that he has an offer; Julian tells Brooke all he needs is her.
90210 - Poster
Annie tells Jasper she wants her first time to be with him.
90210 - Poster
Teddy & Silver hit tennis balls off of the roof.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Millie wakes up at Alex's place; Dan talks to Renee about appearing on his show; Haley confronts Nate over the Renee's number showing up on his phone bill.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
@ 17:25 Vicki is done showering and talks to Damon.
The City - Poster
Roxy pushes Samantha to get her boss to look at Whitney's sketches.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nate complains to Clay about Renee's accusation; Haley asks Quinn what happened between her and David.
(500) Days of Summer - Poster
Plays when Summer and Tom are in the train and attend their coworkers wedding
Greek - Poster
Fisher tells Ashleigh the latest rumor about her & Frannie; Ashleigh tells Cappie that Casey is supposed to be with him; End of the World countdown.