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Episode 2

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Season 5

Episode 2 • The Sea Change

Ruin - Cat Power

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Liam & Vanessa get into an argument and Vanessa ends up falling into the ocean.

I Don't Wanna Wake Up - Ivy Levan

I Don't Wanna Wake Up

Ivy Levan

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Vanessa informs Liam that he has to move in with her as part of their deal.

Only One - Sammy Adams

Only One

Sammy Adams

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Performed as Naomi get her party going; Taylor follows Adrianna off the dancefloor, then she responds to his kiss with a slap and rips up his number.

All Night Longer - Sammy Adams

All Night Longer

Sammy Adams

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Naomi introduces the Colton brothers to Liam in an attempt to get them to work with Max's company.

Coffee Table - Lemaitre

Coffee Table


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Dixon reassures Adrianna that he'll be better in no time.

The Walk - Mayer Hawthorne

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Max comments on Naomi's lack of luggage for their honeymoon.

We Run The Night

Havana Brown ft Pitbull

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Taylor gives Liam an idea of the changes he wants to make at Off Shore; Silver invites Liam to attend Naomi's wedding reception with her.


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