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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 3

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Season 5

Episode 3 • It's All Fun And Games

Follow Me

Kid Shimmy

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Annie asks Riley for help finding Dixon.

Little Numbers - BOY

Little Numbers


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The girls work on stuff for an 'Happy Insemination' party for Silver.

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Riley bugs Dixon about not trying hard enough; Annie & Riley talk about Dixon's progress.

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Liam meets with a lawyer to see if he can break the contract with Vanessa; Annie asks Liam if he's seen Dixon.

Moonlight Mile - The Babies

Moonlight Mile

The Babies

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Naomi & Alec hang out at the boardwalk; Adrianna talks Silver into going on a trapeze; Alec wins a silver unicorn for Naomi, then kisses her.

Caught Between - The Thirstbusters

Caught Between

The Thirstbusters

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Dixon tells Riley about the revelation he had during his therapy session.

Mtn Tune - Trails and Ways

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Annie asks Riley if he found Dixon; Liam helps Dixon join the alumni surf.

Sun Trails - Craft Spells

Sun Trails

Craft Spells

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Silver does a nude photo shoot.

Rabbit Song

Boy & Bear

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Naomi tells Alec she plans to tell Max about their kiss; Alec looks at surveillance photos of his day with Naomi.

Underwater - Joshua Radin


Joshua Radin

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Dixon rides his surfboard onto the shore as the girls cheer on the beach.


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