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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 6

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Season 5

Episode 6 • The Con

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Adrianna turns up at Taylor's apartment & he tells her she has to end things with Dixon or their relationship is over.

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Phenomi-Con starts; Silver saves Liam from an obsessive fan.

Amour Than Amis - Two Hours Traffic

Amour Than Amis

Two Hours Traffic

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Colin apologizes to Annie then tells her he likes her; Silver stops by Navid's Pop Up.

Like You Do

Jay Stolar

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Liam & Lindsey make out in her car, then discuss needing to keep their relationship quiet.

Under the Sun - Cult 45

Under the Sun

Cult 45

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Naomi tells Max about the work area she's set up of his employees; Annie & Colin arrive to help with the coding session.

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Dixon tells Adrianna she has to take a look at the

Untie My Shoelaces - Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds

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Adrianna shows up on Taylor's doorstep and kisses him.

Where It Hurts - Lonely Estates

Where It Hurts

Lonely Estates

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Lindsey admits to Liam she saw his movie on opening night on her own.

Broke Up The Family - The Milk

Broke Up The Family

The Milk

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Naomi & Alex battle out their differences at the presentation; Annie & Silver discuss their guy problems; Riley arrives to tell Annie about Dixon's medical issues, then they kiss.

October Trees - Ron Pope

October Trees

Ron Pope

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Lindsey breaks up with Liam; Adrianna tells Taylor about Dixon's setback, then he tells her their over; Liam pays off Navid for his part in the club and tells him to never return; Max asks Alex to resign.

I Love You The Worst

Kid Infinity

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The 'Corporate Invaders 2' clip is introduced.


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