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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 5

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Season 5

Episode 5 • Hate 2 Love

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Navid congratulates Dixon on his performance; Riley asks Annie to dance, then they are interrupted by Colin; Silver asks Navid if he's seen Liam.

Parking Lot - Nelly Furtado

Parking Lot

Nelly Furtado

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Performed as Naomi & Madison dance, then Alec tries to convince Madison to change her mind about talking to Max; Riley comments on Annie & Colin's dancing.

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Lindsey drops off the paperwork for Liam's approval.

Make It Rain - Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

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Silver is congratulated on her performance & is told she needs a stage name.

Eye On It - tobyMac

Eye On It


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Liam checks out the Pop Up; Annie tells Adrianna she asked Riley about Dixon being able to have sex; Riley arrives and chats with Annie.

Make Him Pay

JD Samson & MEN

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Megan thanks Dixon for inviting him to the Pop Up; Adrianna wishes Dixon good luck, then asks if they can talk about their relationship later.

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Dixon performs; Naomi attempts to get Madison to tell Max about Alec's manipulations.

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Naomi tracks down Madison at a spa and asks for her help exposing Alec.

Let It Live Free - He's My Brother, She's My Sister

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Silver asks Liam if he's seen Navid, then they catch up; Navid catches Liam & Silver hugging; Liam suggests he & Navid create a formal agreement about the Offshore.

Without Warning - The Pass

Without Warning

The Pass

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Lindsey complains about Liam judging her, then they make out in kitchen.

Time To Realize - Lemaitre

Time To Realize


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Navid makes a customer hand over his phone, then discovers that Liam & Lindsey had sex; Lindsey tells Liam they can't tell anyone what they did; an EMT wheels Madison away after her fall; Max informs Naomi & Alex that someone hacked their server; Annie apologizes to Colin for what Riley said.


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