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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 9

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Season 5

Episode 9 • The Things We Do For Love

Now I'm All Messed Up - Tegan and Sara

Now I'm All Messed Up

Tegan and Sara

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Performed at the Christmas party as Riley tells Annie he was starting to take thing seriously between them; Dixon tells Annie he doesn't need his crutches anymore.

O Holy Night

Josh Ricchio

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Navid & Bryce talk about their exes, then Bryce reveals that Alec was her boyfriend & told her how to get Max's job.

What Child Is This

Denny Jiosa

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Navid has drinks with Bryce.


James Combs

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Dixon invites Megan to a Christmas party with him and his friends.

Heartbeat - Kopecky Family Band

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Adrianna tells Navid about all the things that Dixon is making her doing under her music contract.

Happy Holidays To You - Roz Bell

Happy Holidays To You

Roz Bell

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Naomi complains to the girls about Max being fired, then Annie reveals she's thinking of doing a writing program in Scotland.

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Silver tells Teddy she doesn't want him to be a father to her child.

Closer - Tegan and Sara

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Performed as Navid informs Naomi that Alec was the one out to get Max; Adrianna gives Dixon a Christmas present.

So Strange - Pacific Air

So Strange

Pacific Air

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Shane confronts Silver about cutting Teddy out of her baby's life; Megan drops by to see Dixon & her reveals that he was in the car her father hit.

Heavy Is As Heavy Does - Menomena

Heavy Is As Heavy Does


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Naomi confronts Alex over what he did to Max; Riley tells his doctor he wants to do the spinal surgery; Naomi finds a note from Max saying he went to the conference; Annie & Vanessa check for bar for Liam, while he is chained up downstairs.


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