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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 10

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Season 5

Episode 10 • Misery Loves Company

Make Me Baby - Mariner

Make Me Baby


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Naomi orders a drink and is hit on by a biker named Bear.

Spit On My Liver - White Demons

Spit On My Liver

White Demons

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Adrianna & Naomi enter the biker bar & alter their dresses to look less 'hippy'; Adrianna spots her song on the juke box.

Paint - The Paper Kites

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Dixon tells Megan he's not using her to get revenge on Adrianna, then asks why she left his place.

Set Ourselves Free - Uncle Lucius

Set Ourselves Free

Uncle Lucius

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Billy shows Adrianna how to ride his motorcycle, then she gets a call from Dixon.

I Don't Want You Anymore

Jessica Lowndes

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Adrianna gets the whole bar line dancing to her song; Adrianna checks on Naomi.

Puzzle Of Love

Quincy Blaque Trio

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Dixon wakes up with bed with Megan.

Purple - California Wives

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Naomi & Adrianna go on a road trip and reminisce; Naomi suggests Adrianna move into her guest house.

Holding a Heart

Girl Named Toby

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Naomi hugs her mother; Adrianna goes on stage; Silver lies to her doctor about having permission to use the embryos; Ashley is arrested as Annie lies on the floor bleeding.

Turn It Down

Sideway Runners

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Teddy tells Silver he's never signing the form allowing her to use the embryos.

Shine Ya Light - Rita Ora

Shine Ya Light

Rita Ora

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Performed at Dixon's record launch as Dixon & Teddy discuss Adrianna & moving on; Adrianna arrives with Billy.

R.I.P. - Rita Ora


Rita Ora

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Performed as Dixon admits to Adrianna he doesn't want to have any feelings for her, including hate; Silver and Charles talk to Teddy the child custody issues.


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