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Episode 11

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Season 5

Episode 11 • We're Not In Kansas Anymore

My Ride


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Dixon tells Navid he can't have Adrianna around him while his album is about to come out.

Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin - Elephant Stone

Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin

Elephant Stone

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Teddy joins Annie & Naomi; Liam invites the girls to a party; Ty suggests Liam trade his stepdad's Oxycontin for the money he owes.

Here's To Feeling Free - Nushu

Here's To Feeling Free


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Naomi tells Annie she's taking business classes in order to find a husband.

We Go! Go!

The Dirtbags

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Dixon is introduced on stage.

Justine - Julia Stone

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Liam tells Annie that her getting shot is all his fault; Annie is taken into surgery.

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Annie & Naomi are told to go to the back of the line; Adrianna arrives at the club & helps Naomi & Annie get into the club; Adrianna offers Silver a better story; Annie confronts Dixon.

Free Ride

Tristan Wilds

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Dixon performs as Ty & Liam talk about the drugs; Silver suggests to Teddy that he's gay; Annie & Naomi arrive at the club.

Obey the DJ - Jonathan Bluth

Obey the DJ

Jonathan Bluth

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Naomi turns down Teddy's advances, but he convinces her to go somewhere quieter; Liam looks for Ty; Annie tries to get a taxi & loses her phone.

Something For You - Sarabeth Tucek

Something For You

Sarabeth Tucek

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Annie gets the group together and tells them how their lives should be.

One Touch Too Little

Love Can Do

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Teddy tells Naomi he knows she's a gold digger, asks her to be his girlfriend, then admits he's gay.

Duck Duck Goose

Dude Royal

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Dixon tells Navid he doesn't need to stick around

State I Am In

Sarabeth Tucek

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Annie & Dixon make up; Naomi meets Max; Silver tells Teddy she won't out him.

Destroying Me - Vinnie Ferra

Destroying Me

Vinnie Ferra

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Teddy finds out about Silver forging his signature; Naomi finds Max staying at his parent's house; Annie tells Liam what happened to her wasn't his fault; Liam smashes a guy's headlight.

The Feeling - The Knocks

The Feeling

The Knocks

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Dixon meets Megan; Ty tells Navid he has the oxy; Liam helps Annie retrieve her cellphone, then ends up arrested for drug possession; Dixon friends tease him for being from Kansas.


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