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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 13

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Season 5

Episode 13 • #realness

Last One Standing - Purple Sneakers DJs

Last One Standing

Purple Sneakers DJs

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Navid & the woman from the bar play 'I Never'.

Steam - Deep Sea Arcade

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Terrell Owens is introduced at the After-School Achievers Invitational; Liam chats with Terrell before the game; Max tells Naomi that their night together was a huge mistake.

Monarch - Nervous Cloud

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Dixon talks to Rand Gunn to see if he's willing to take over Adrianna's contract.

Addict - Adventure Galley

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The girls go shopping; Adrianna shoplifts and gets stopped by security.

Through The Deep, Dark Wood - The Veils

Through The Deep, Dark Wood

The Veils

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Navid tells Liam that the Cronus Society wants another underground fight.

Second Look - The Soft Pack

Second Look

The Soft Pack

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Dixon tells Navid about his problems with Megan & Adrianna, then tells Navid to show the Cronus guys what he has to offer.

Baby You're Better - Spring Break

Baby You're Better

Spring Break

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The Cronus Society make a toast to Navid, then asks when the next fight will be; Navid chats up a woman to impress the guys.

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Dixon interrupts Adrianna while she's listening to music so he can introduce her to Rand.

Major Minus - Coldplay

Major Minus


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The studio executives wait for Liam's arrival; Liam heads into the fight club.

Now - Matt and Kim

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The football game ends with Liam's team winning.


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