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90210 Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 14

Episode 14 • Brother From Another Mother

Bad Bad Girl - The Thirstbusters

Bad Bad Girl

The Thirstbusters

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Performed at the Battle Of The Bands; Adrianna is asked to sub for a band's lead singer; Naomi checks in with Wolfgang Puck, then warns Mark the contest isn't over yet.

The Drug - Kids Of 88

The Drug

Kids Of 88

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Michaela meets up with Navid and is seen kissing by Campbell; Dixon & Mark meet each and Annie rushes in to prevent Dixon from finding out Mark's identity.

Girls Want Rock - Free Energy

Girls Want Rock

Free Energy

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Annie tells Dixon he needs to start listening to demos; Naomi tells Annie about her 'Plan B' to get Mark in her life.

Driven Back - Jesse and Noah

Driven Back

Jesse and Noah

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Navid confronts Campbell about sending him the exam answers and asks him to send the guys the physics exam answers.

It's Time - Imagine Dragons

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People gather for the Food Truck Cook-Off and Battle Of The Bands; Naomi tells Mark she created the whole cook-off for him.

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Campbell tells Navid to leave his phone on during his calculus exam; Silver shows Michaela around campus.

Get Out Of My Way - Scarlett Drive

Get Out Of My Way

Scarlett Drive

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Adrianna freaks out over Silver ignoring what's going on in everyone else's lives.

Ride - Kiss the Girl

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Annie admits to Dixon that Mark is their half-brother.

Ready To Go

Jessica Lowndes

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Adrianna performs with a band as Naomi sneaks into Mark's taco truck; Silver tries to talk to Liam about what happened at the courthouse, then spots Michaela hanging out with Navid & discovers they slept together; Liam punches out an audience member; Naomi causes the taco truck to crash.

Amazing Grace

Lyndon Smith

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Dixon hears Michaela singing.

The Enemy - Kita Klane

The Enemy

Kita Klane

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Silver apologizes to Adrianna that she's been a terrible friend, then suggests they run a food truck together.


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