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    There is a song I'm looking for when Erica is transported back to high school it sounds like an eighties song it's in episode one of season 1 and it's not listed here. Lyrics: "Ohh I need you here with me, Do you hear me Oh h, Our Love is... (cant make out rest of words) Then 2x repeated " She used to...(i can't make out rest of lyrics ) Male group or solo possibly, upbeat sounds 80's Rock Love Ballad,.. A little like Warrant, White Lion?? Anybody know the song I'm talking about!?? And it was not listed on here but it's definitely in this episode. If you think you know please let me know as I love the eighties and I've looked everywhere and done everything I can to try to find a search including listening to the song with Google but nothing I can find matches. In my goat my Google listening for the song cannot get a close enough match while the episode has the song playing. Thank you I appreciate it!
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