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Being Human Soundtrack [2009]

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Episode 5

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Season 4

Episode 5 • Pack It Up, Pack It In

Gentleman Caller

The Crashtones

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Sally returns to the baby shower and tells Aidan she's worried about getting stuck in the past; Emily freaks out after Kenny's face illusion disappears.



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Aidan starts hallucinating Suzanna, then complains to Kenny about his problems.

What If God


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A brawl breaks out between Aidan, Kenny and some of the werewolves.

Bleary Eyed Fashion

Satellite Sky

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Emily heads upstairs and tries to assure herself she's okay as Sally watches over her.



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Aidan drunkenly greets Josh, then Josh asks him for assurances that things won't get out of hand.

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Aidan & Sally dance; Kenny tries to chat with one of the werewolves; Mark questions Josh about his socializing with vampires.

Shake It

Lil' Wendy

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Aidan & Kenny try to break the tension after walking in on a bunch of anti-vampire werewolves.

I Could Almost Love You

St Ange

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Emily awkwardly tries to interact with Caroline & Andrew; Mark arrives at the baby shower with a pack of werewolves.

Something For Myself

Dark Dark Dark

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Kat reacts to Aidan's revelation that he's a vampire, then she tells him to leave.

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People continue to arrive for the baby shower; Josh is complimented on his deviled eggs, then Sally returns from a trip to 2001; Josh asks Emily how she's doing.

Never Expire


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Aidan calls out Kenny for following him down the street.

The Trail Remains Unseen

Paul Thomas Saunders

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Aidan stands outside Kat's house and imagines compelling her into loving him forever.

Autumn All The Time

The Sugarplastic

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Kenny introduces Astrid to Aidan.

A Lunar Veterans Guide To Re-Entry

Paul Thomas Saunders

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Mark welcomes Nora & Josh to the pack.


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