Crocodiles - List of Songs

Has 8 songs in the following movies and television shows

Lucifer - Poster
Dan and Lucifer comment on art work while waiting to speak with Dave Maddox; Dan punches Dave when he says to let Chloe die.
Nashville - Poster
Maddie tells Cash she told her parents she was going to perform at a coffee house, just as they arrive at a bar and Cash lies about Maddie's age.
Being Human - Poster
Aidan drunkenly greets Josh, then Josh asks him for assurances that things won't get out of hand.
Boy Wonder - Poster
Sean gives the drawings he found to the freshman. Later, he sits in the couch and episodic memory of the day of the murder and suddenly recalls a minor important detail from the incident. Enraged by the memory, he savagely beats Bruce who was harassing Amanda earlier.