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The Carrie Diaries Soundtrack [2013]

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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • Pilot

Material Girl

The Bird & The Bee

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Carrie decorates her mom's purse with nail polish.

Burning Down The House

Talking Heads

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Carrie & Dorrit continue fighting until their father intervenes.

Blue Monday

New Order

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Carrie walks into school, runs into Donna LaDonna & The Jens, then meets up with her friends; Carrie sees Sebastian Kydd.

I Melt With You

Modern English

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Carrie talks about her dream of walking in The City, then accuses at Dorrit of taking their mom's purse.

The Way You Love Me (Kills Me)

Jerry Honigman

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Larissa and her friend ask Carrie about herself; Carrie steps away to phone her dad.

White Horse

Laid Back

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Carrie arrives at Indochine; Larissa introduces Carrie to her friends.


Kenny Loggins

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Walt tells Maggie she's tipsy; Donna drags Sebastian into the dance.


Cobra Verde

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Carrie checks out the dress Larissa sent her, then hails a cab.

Just Can't Get Enough

Depeche Mode

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Carrie goes to the Century 21 department store; Larissa compliments Carrie on her purse.

Bette Davis Eyes

Kim Carnes

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Carrie looks around before being bumped by a pedestrian.

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Carrie's dad drives her into Manhattan.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Greg Laswell

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Carrie, Dorrit and their dad clean out their mom's closet; Mouse looks at pictures of her time with Seth; Walt looks through photos of guys; Maggie meets up with one of her dad's officers; Sebastian joins Carrie at the pool as The Jens watch.

Hold Me All Night

Jerry Honigman

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Cyndi Lauper

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Carrie starts writing a diary.

Let the Music Play


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Carrie gets caught between two guys while dancing, then tells Larissa she needs to leave.


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