Talking Heads - List of Songs

Has 66 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
Montage of Grace dealing with Dave as a house guest as well as being her co-worker for a week.
Spider-Man: No Way Home - Poster
Plays as Peter and MJ are swinging away from the mobs when Peter’s identity is revealed. First scene of the film.
Riverdale - Poster
Rock music and a new Auteur video snuff video being to play at the prom disrupting the prom courts dance; the promgoers jump into dance not noticing the horror on the screen; the prom court and their friends and family watch the video in horror until Betty and Jughead manage to shut it down.
Bloodshot - Poster
Martin Axe turns on the stereo and dances around the meat locker; [0:28] repeats as Ray has flashbacks.
The Loudest Voice - Poster
Opening song as Roger Ailes drives home. Plays over opening credits.
Dynasty - Poster
Fallon and Liam hangout by the pool while discussing Femperial signing JC Remington.
Dynasty - Poster
Liam informs Fallon that his mother confessed to lying about her cancer; Fallon suggests to Adam that they start over.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Jackson complains about Tom bopping along to music during the surgery; Richard tells Maggie he's not leaving the gallery; Amelia and Tom run into problems with the surgery.
Sex Education - Poster
First song as the episode opens as the two lesbians students have sex.
Dynasty - Poster
Blake literally throws money at Alexis, then they end up kissing; Kirby thanks Jeff for letting her stay with him; Liam tells Fallon he's taking her to meet his family.
The Handmaid's Tale - Poster
June walks off after making her decision; end credits.
iZombie - Poster
Dino kicks a straggler out of The Scratching Post, then Don E attacks him.
The Americans - Poster
Song as Giennadij switches the suitcases in the bathroom.
The Americans - Poster
Elizabeth is taking out Glenn.
Mindhunter - Poster
Bill and Holden moves their stuff into the basement office; end credits.
American Made - Poster
Barry is driven to the White House,
20th Century Women - Poster
Opening titles. Julie is at a group therapy session. She rides her bike home. Abbie takes a photograph at the hospital. Julie arrives at the house and finds Abbie dancing along to the song.
20th Century Women - Poster
Photographs that Abbie took appear on screen. Jamie arrives home and finds Julie on his bed. Julie tells Jamie what happened to her today.
20th Century Women - Poster
William plays the "Art Fag" record and dances along with to the song with Dorothea. Meanwhile, Jamie kisses a girl while Abbie takes a photograph.
Storks - Poster
When Junior and Tulip are taking care of Diamond in the way to the boat
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Carrie discovers the consequences of not writing the article on Weaver; Carrie & Weaver walk down the street together.
Once Upon A Time - Poster
Song on the radio when Owen and his father are camping in the woods at the beginning of the episode.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Carrie & Sebastian stare into each other's eyes; Larissa assures Carrie she still wants to use her bag in the photo shoot; Carrie & Sebastian talk in the school hallway about how little alone time they're getting.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Carrie & Dorrit continue fighting until their father intervenes.
Parenthood - Poster
Amber takes Drew & Amy to the movie.
Hot Tub Time Machine - Poster
They return home in the present. Adam finds himself with April. They all have lunch together at the end of the movie.
Chuck - Poster
Chuck & Sarah move into their house.
He's Just Not That Into You - Poster
Gigi gets off the phone with Alex and makes the guy wait while she wastes time in the Bathroom. Ben and Neil go out on the boat and talk about Janine and Beth.
Eli Stone - Poster
Vision of a young Eli defending their dad to Nate.
Baby Mama - Poster
During the opening scene/credits.
Clerks II - Poster
First song. Opening credits. Dante picks up Randal in his car.
The Benchwarmers - Poster
During the ball game, Nelson hits the ball while the opposition deliberately play badly. They lift him into the air while the nerds hang Jerry on the fence.
13 Going on 30 - Poster
Chris Grandy gets out of the car. Matt dances to this song by himself at Jenna's party.