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The Carrie Diaries Soundtrack [2013]

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Episode 13

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Episode 13 • Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

I Don't Surrender - Thirteenth Tribe

I Don't Surrender

Thirteenth Tribe

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Larissa tells Carrie their plans for the night; Bennet congratulates Walt on coming out.

What Is Love - Howard Jones

What Is Love

Howard Jones

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Carrie talks to Larissa about breaking up with Sebastian again & being happy.

Suddenly Last Summer - The Motels

Suddenly Last Summer

The Motels

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Miller surprises Dorrit with a romantic set-up, which causes Dorrit to burst into tears.

Heaven - Bryan Adams

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Mouse puts on a song at the diner and dances with West; couples montage.

Cities In Dust - Siouxsie and The Banshees

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Miller calls a stop to his & Dorrit's make-out session to asks why she's pushing for them to have sex.

Missing You - John Waite

Missing You

John Waite

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Carrie wakes up and remembers her break-up with Sebastian, then sees him in the hallway at school; Mouse & Maggie try to convince Carrie she was miserable with Sebastian; Mouse explains why she can't go to prom with West.

Cruel Summer - Bananarama

Cruel Summer


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Carrie writes in her diary; Carrie & Walt set-up in Larissa's loft; Carrie heads to work.

Never Surrender

Corey Hart

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Carrie & Dorrit discuss their dad 'going to the gym'; Dorrit tells Sebastian that Carrie won't see him; Mouses introduces West to her parents; Walt & Bennet make breakfast; Maggie makes-out with Simon.


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