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Gossip Girl - S4E4 Soundtrack

Touch Of Eva

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  • Rill RillSleigh Bell
    Sleigh Bell
    Gossip Girl talks about how Eva has changed Chuck; Dorota tells Blair there are no newspapers; continues as Vanessa makes Dan breakfast.
  • Purpose For My TimeTwo Hours Traffic
    Two Hours Traffic
    Ivan sets up breakfast for Chuck & Eva as Juliet arrives to meet Nate, then Chuck announces he's making a five million dollar donation to a charity.
  • Lost A GirlNew Young Pony Club
    New Young Pony Club
    Juliet & Vanessa head for the ladies room as Nate sees a text on Juliet's phone; Serena & Blair arrive at Chuck's party & talk with Lily; Chuck tells Blair he already knows the truth about Eva & he doesn't care; Vanessa interrupts Dan & Serena's chat.
  • Rain DropsFrancisco the Man
    Francisco the Man
      </strong>Dan tries to explain to Vanessa why he was hanging out with Serena; Blair & Serena commiserate over their failed conversations.
  • No ChemistryMiss Mercury
    Miss Mercury
    Blair drags Chuck away from Eva to tell him that Eva had taken his passport; Nate tells Serena that he broke up with Juliet.
  • Afraid Of EveryoneThe National
    The National
    Serena tells Blair she needs to find someone that gives what both Nate & Dan give her; Chuck confronts Blair over lying about Eva; Juliet is given the key to an temporarily unoccupied apartment; Chuck fires Ivan; Serena comforts Blair.


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