The National - List of Songs

Has 95 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legacies - Poster
Rafael and Landon share time together as brothers just as they would they found out they were magical and entered the supernatural world; Jed brings Rafael a surprise, his father, Walt, they embrace as father and son.
Love Life - Poster
Darby and Bradley are leaving his father’s funeral after she got drunk, embarrassed him, and puked. The silence between them in the car represents the distance that’s been growing between them. Darby leaves his apartment with a box full of her things, which is the same box in which she carried his belongings to him from the office. It is a full-circle moment showing how the beginning of their relationship and the ending both looked the same- Darby carrying a box of possessions. It’s a standard office type box, showing how their relationship was doomed from the beginning since it was always juxtaposed to their previous boss/employee relationship.
Station 19 - Poster
June 2002 - A young Jack talks with his soon-to-be sister.
The Goldfinch - Poster
Song from official trailer #2.
Midnight, Texas - Poster
Olivia tells Lem that she's no long afriad of eternity; Manfred finds Joe packs, he tells him he has to go to God to pay for killing an innocent then asks for him to watch over the town for him; Fiji shows Bobo a pregnancy tests then tells him their expecting.
YOU - Poster
Montage of Joe getting rid of Beck and her book being published.
Manifest - Poster
Grace and Bem embrace Cal; Jared contemplates Michaela's photo; Ben, Michaela and Saanvi discuss what happened with Cal and how to help Marco.
Legion - Poster
A teenage Syd removes her gloves, heads to a club and dances in the middle of the crowd.
The Originals - Poster
Rebekah confides in Elijah, then spots some bar glasses filling with blood; Freya asks Hope where Hayley went, then they notice the fountain spewing blood; Marcel texts Josh that he's returning home; Hope has an awkward call with Klaus.
The Royals - Poster
Liam checks on Kathryn; Eleanor and Jasper wake up in bed together.
9-1-1 - Poster
Bobby rescues a passenger from the sinking plane.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Trish joins Riggs in the precinct elevator and states that she doesn't think he's crazy, then asks him to make sure Murtaugh stays safe; Murtaugh asks Riggs if he wants to go for a drink.
Man Up - Poster
Man Up2015
Nancy arrives at her parents' anniversary, gets into the room and starts crying.
St. Vincent - Poster
Vincent withdraws Oliver's saving account and gambles it, losing it all.
Covert Affairs - Poster
McQuaid makes a toast to his and Annie's acquaintance; montage of them having dinner, drinking and talking at his place; Annie's wakes up the next morning.
Covert Affairs - Poster
At a bar, Auggie confronts Hayley over exposing Annie's medical condition.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
@ 10:25 Silas is on the bus talking to Damon on the phone. He tells Damon that he wants Amara dead.
Arrow - Poster
Lyla thanks Diggle for rescuing her, they kiss and he convinces her to stay for breakfast.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Annie gives Auggie Helen's necklace; Calder, Annie & Auggie head for Hong Kong.
Suits - Poster
Mike and Rachael say I love you to each other and kiss in the office.
Covert Affairs - Poster
As Annie & Auggie head home, she apologizes for leaving him with Calder, then Auggie reveals Teo's real identity.
Stuck in Love - Poster
Bill goes on a date from the website. They meet at the bar and have dinner.
Beauty And The Beast - Poster
Cat stands helplessly by as a helicopter carries Vincent away.
Warm Bodies - Poster
Song at the end of movie as the Zombies slowly came back to life. R and Julie look out over the city. Plays into end credits.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Holly leaves the hospital with her parents; Teddy tells Owen he has to make Cristina stay at their hospital; Richard tells Adele he'll always love her, then Allan & Adele are reunited; The Residents meet at the airport before leaving for more interviews.
The Vow - Poster
At their wedding as they say there vows.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Meredith folds up clothes that Zola has outgrown & reassures Derek that Zola is coming back to them.
Nikita - Poster
Birkoff & Michael watch the new story on Captain Tony Merrick; Tony is reunited with his son; Alex is patched up at Division; Michael & Nikita discuss their plan.
Warrior - Poster
First song during opening credits.
Warrior - Poster
During the final round of the fight between Tommy and Brendan. Continues as movie ends and they walk out of the arena together.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Montage of Annie at the beach & Ben being rushed to the hospital.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Sofia passes the infant carrier test; Callie freaks out about taking Sofia in a car; Derek tells Meredith he wishes they could tell The Chief that Adele received the trial medicine; the African kids arrive at the hospital; Callie, Arizona, Sofia & Mark head home.
Parenthood - Poster
Jasmine visits Crosby on his boat.
Chuck - Poster
Sarah tells Chuck that taking down Volkoff could take some time.
Parenthood - Poster
Haddie goes to her grandparents house to stay.
House M.D. - Poster
Taub throws paint at the Princeton/Plainsboro billboard; House relaxes on his couch.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Arizona asks Mark what she has to do to get another chance with Callie; the Residents complain about their evaluations as Laurel walks into the kitchen; Owen asks Cristina about her day; Derek reassures Meredith about not getting pregnant immediately; Arizona asks Callie for another chance, then Callie reveals she's pregnant.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Julie says goodbye to Matt.
Parenthood - Poster
Crosby disciplines Jabbar.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Lexie & Owen work to save Reilly as Jackson works on Reilly's brother, Lucas; Cristina serves Derek a scotch.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Jess overhears Coach Taylor agreeing as Billy repeats what she told him about Tinker's playing; Eric evaluates Buddy Jr; Becky plays a board game with the Riggins family; Luke & the other players check out the TMU campus.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Serena tells Blair she needs to find someone that gives what both Nate & Dan give her; Chuck confronts Blair over lying about Eva; Juliet is given the key to an temporarily unoccupied apartment; Chuck fires Ivan; Serena comforts Blair.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Dan & Vanessa agree to take their relationship public; Nate & Serena apologize to each other; Blair tells Chuck why they're celebrating.
Defying Gravity - Poster
Crew & command montage; Rollie hits a woman with his car while phoning Jen.
The City - Poster
Whitney & Erin talk about Jay's tour.
Peter and Vandy - Poster
They dance at the reception, Peter surprises Vandy at the jewelry store
Peter and Vandy - Poster
Opening credits
Chuck - Poster
Chuck finds Bryce in Sarah's apartment; repeats as the Fulcrum agent uses Chuck as a bargaining chip.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Greta becomes convinced that Andre doesn't exist.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Montage of Peyton walking, Brooke being interviewed & Lucas trying to write.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Haley & Jamie talk about Nate; Peyton meets up with Lucas.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Brooke leaves town; flashback of Nate getting injured.
Chuck - Poster
Sarah congratulates Chuck. 
One Tree Hill - Poster
Karen takes Lily to visit Keith's grave.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Haley asks Brooke about the stolen test; Deb's nurse tells her she can have visitors.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nathan gives Haley a prom dress; end montage.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nathan & Haley talk; Lucas & Brooke talk.