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Complete List of Songs

  • Strange Kind Of Love
    Dorota brings Serena breakfast as she works on a new Gossip Girl blast; repeats as Chuck asks Blair for his helping figuring out Diana's code; Lola warns Serena that Diana is working with the real Gossip Girl to take her down.
    Tom Andrew
  • Party It Up
    In Waves
    Dan meets with Lucia, then she invites him to become an 'Artist In Residence' in Rome.
    Tom Andrew
  • Spit You Out
    Lissy Trullie
    Nate, Blair & Chuck arrive at the 'event' Diana had booked; Serena & Lola meet up with Nate; Chuck & Blair take a tour of the house.
    Tom Andrew
  • Valentine
    The Big Sleep
    Nate demands a bouncer let him see 'India'; Serena warns Blair about Diana; Chuck finds Jack; Nate & Lola confront Diana.
    Tom Andrew
  • Alone Or With Friends
    The real Gossip Girl posts about Blair; Dan tells Blair that the institute found a different author; Chuck discovers what Jack has been hiding.
    Tom Andrew


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