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Gossip Girl - S5E21 Soundtrack

Despicable B

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  • Black MagicMagic Wands
    Magic Wands
    Blair advises Dan on how to act at his meetings; Dorota keeps Blair from looking at a magazine about scandals; Ivy confronts Lily about bribing a nurse; Serena asks Lily what happens with the money from CeCe's estate.
  • Au RevoirSeven Saturdays
    Seven Saturdays
    William & Lola discuss their relationship.
  • End Of The LineSleigh Bells
    Sleigh Bells
    Blair tries to get FTI to do a feature on her; Dan asks Blair to accompany him to a cocktail reception for nominees of a fiction award.
  • Nothing HappenedPaulie Pesh
    Paulie Pesh
    Dan & Blair arrive at the cocktail party; Blair attempts to draw attention to herself.
  • Body Knows BestAnya Marina
    Anya Marina
    Nate searches Diana's hotel room; Lily chats up the reporter she invited to her dinner; Diana catches Nate looking through her drawers, so he distracts her with seduction; Carol reassures William she doesn't plan to tell anything about Lola's parentage; Lola arrives for dinner.
  • HomeFoxes
    Blair tells Dan that the reason she was trying to steal his spotlight is that she lost her 'true self'; Carol signs over power of attorney to William; Ivy begs Lily for a place in her family; William informs Lily he'll sign over Carol's half of the estate to her, then asks if she'll take care of Lola; Serena asks Lola to stay away from her family; Lola takes the access information for the Gossip Girl website; Chuck poses a theory to Nate that Jack is his father.


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