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Episode 19

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Season 2

Episode 19 • First Cut Is The Deepest

Came To Say Hello

The Stereotypes

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Andy & Josh 'play doctor'.

Summer's Almost Gone

Adam Merrin

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Lori & Hillary ask Amanda about music for the prom.

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Amanda avoids Jessi; Hillary proposes a plan to avoid being carded.

Hooked To You

Red Letter Agent

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Lori & Declan discuss the lack of excitement in their lives.

Nothing Is Logical

The Bell

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Jessi breaks Sara's record.

Book Lung

New Ruins

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Mark shows Kyle & Jessi pictures of Sara.

Did You Know

The Stereotypes

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Lori runs into Mark.

Hide Your Love Away

Red Letter Agent

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Hillary & Lori volunteer to help with the music for prom.

Cut Back

The Elliots

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Mark tells Jessi & Kyle about Sara's pool record.

The Glass Parade

Cary Brothers

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Kyle & Amanda kiss; Kyle comforts Andy.

Next To Argyle

Scissors for Lefty

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Bar fight.

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Kyle plays against Jessi.


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