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Episode 18

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Season 2

Episode 18 • Between The Rack And A Hard Place

Don't Let Love In


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Kyle discovers what went wrong with the blender.

I Wasn't Ready

Turn Off The Stars

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Josh 'deputizes' Kyle; Jessi helps Kyle fix the blender.

Under Starlight

Red Letter Agent

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Josh, Amanda & Kyle contemplate who could have stolen the money.

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Andy & Josh discuss concert tickets; Amanda asks Kyle for assistance.

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Lori & Amanda talk; Lori sees Declan with another girl.

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Andy gives Josh the money from the tickets; Amanda & Kyle exchange secrets.

Trouble Sleeping

The Perishers

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Josh debates what to do about the missing money; Kyle asks for Declan's advice; Kyle tells Amanda he wants to talk.

Two Kinds

Film School

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Declan gives Kyle advice on girlfriends & fights.

One By One

Unkle Bob

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Jessi storms out after Kyle asks her to wait longer; Amanda confronts Kyle about Jessi.

Right Where It Belongs

David Condos

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Kyle apologizes to Amanda; she accuses him of not trusting her.


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