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Episode 9

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Episode 9 • Formal Reformed

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Math & Cate reminisce about their high school dances; Lux asks Cate why she's at the dance.


Susan Howard

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Jones & Lux dance; Cate rehashes her bad memories of high school to Math.

Still - Matt Nathanson

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Lux & Bug kiss; Math asks Cate if she wants to chaperone Lux's winter formal with him.

(I Keep On) Rising Up - Mike Doughty

(I Keep On) Rising Up

Mike Doughty

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Ryan & Cate talk about eye contact as Lux rides a bicycle to school.

Love & Hate - Daphne Willis

Love & Hate

Daphne Willis

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Cate & Lux go dress shopping.

Rock The House - The Deekompressors

Rock The House

The Deekompressors

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Jones & Lux arrive at the dance and see Math & Cate show up; Baze finds a condom in his apartment.

Save A Place

The Lost

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Cate tells Baze she wants to let go of the past & move forward; Baze apologizes to Cate for who he used to be.

Thank You


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Cate thanks Math for inviting her to the dance, then they dance in the hallway; Baze finds Abbey hanging out at his bar & she confesses to liking him in high school.

Foolish - Jupiter Rising

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Lux sees Cate & Baze arguing; Cate rushes out of the gym.

Lovers Without Love - Joshua James

Lovers Without Love

Joshua James

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Bug shows up at the dance with flowers for Lux, and tells her he wants to be there for her; they dance.


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