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Life Unexpected Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 10

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Episode 10 • Family Therapized

Better Days

Elemeno P

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Lux & Bug discuss their problems, then Cate arrives to talk to Bug about a job opportunity.

The Cure - Tegan and Sara

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Ryan & Cate talk about losing sleep on their radio show.

Unfold - Julie Peel

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Cate leaves an envelope for Lux; Cate asks Ryan to talk to Lux, then tells him she's changed.

One More Day - Derek James

One More Day

Derek James

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Baze comments on how well Bug is doing at his job; Baze tells Abby that he can't see her anymore; Cate phones Abby for help with Lux.

Kite Song - Rosie Thomas

Kite Song

Rosie Thomas

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Baze tells Lux he can be her friend but he'll never stop trying to be her dad.

Add The Effort - The Weepies

Add The Effort

The Weepies

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Lux tells Cate she doesn't know if she can ever forgive her, then asks if she can move back in; Baze makes a deal with Bug; Cate & Ryan kiss.


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