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The Lying Game Soundtrack [2011]

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Episode 12

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Season 1

Episode 12 • When We Dead Awaken

When The World Plays Tricks On You

The Light Brigade

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Ethan asks his brother why he was arguing with Alec.

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Ethan & Emma video chat about their Alec conversations, then Emma raves about her college visit.

Take It All Away

Butterfly Boucher

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Laurel tells Emma about Justin breaking up with her.

(Walking On) Landmines - Ashtar Command

(Walking On) Landmines

Ashtar Command

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Laurel waits for Justin to meet her, then she asks him what's wrong.

For Romance - Magic Bullets

For Romance

Magic Bullets

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Laurel questions Emma on why she's checking out TSMU.

Lights And Lampstands - Grayson Kessenich

Lights And Lampstands

Grayson Kessenich

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Thayer tells Emma & Ethan about Annie Hobb's escape and suggests that Sutton's dead & Emma decides she needs to tell Sutton's family the truth; Thayer, Emma & Ethan reminisce about Sutton; Justin burns a box of momentos.


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