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The Lying Game Soundtrack [2011]

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Episode 13

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Season 1

Episode 13 • Pleased To Meet Me

Write You Away

Dave Anderson

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Thayer asks the motel manager if he saw Annie.

Radio - Castaneda

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Sutton advises Emma on her clothing choices for the party.

D I Y - Exit Clov

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Montage of Sutton hanging out in her room; Kristin confronts Sutton about being home early from school.

Coconut Grove - Mr. Adventures

Coconut Grove

Mr. Adventures

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Performed at the Junior Ballet Benefit as Ryan tries to convince Mads he's changed.

Five Minutes - Mr. Adventures

Five Minutes

Mr. Adventures

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Perfomed as Sutton informs Emma that they have to trade places; Laurel tells her mom she plans to head home.

What Money Paid For - The Good Mad

What Money Paid For

The Good Mad

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Performed as Laurel joins the band for a song; Justin leaves his date; Alec & Rebecca chat; Ryan makes a last minute bid on the ballet tickets Mads wants.

Van Gogh - Mr. Adventures

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Performed as Laurel & Emma arrive at the ballet benefit, then spot Justin dancing with another girl; continues as Rebecca tells Laurel she overheard her singing.

Come Back To Me

Preston Leatherman

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Sutton awakens & discovers Thayer cooking her breakfast, then she tries to thank him for all his help searching for her mother.

Rain - Damien Horne

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Mads opens a pizza box to find the ballet tickets inside, then gets a call from Ryan and invites him to the ballet 'as friends'.


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