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The Lying Game Soundtrack [2011]

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Episode 5

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Season 2

Episode 5 • Much Ado About Everything

Have U Found What’s Wrong With Me Yet

Jacqui Sandell

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Mads asks Ethan for help with keeping the truth about Sutton & Emma from Laurel; Laurel asking Ethan if he thinks Sutton's been acting erratic.

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Theresa tells Sutton about Dan's proposal; Dan is told that he can no longer investigate the Derek Rogers case; Sutton eavesdrops as Alec gives Dan his congratulations then asks Dan to find proof he's innocent.

Simple Things - New Cassettes

Simple Things

New Cassettes

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Ted tells Alec about Sutton finding an old journal of Kristin's; Sutton informs Alec that Kristin mentioned being in love with him in her journal.

Honest Feedback - Saint Motel

Honest Feedback

Saint Motel

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Thayer tells Emma she doesn't have to go through everything alone, then they decide to do another search for Emma & Sutton's birth mother.

Naturally - Middle Distance Runner

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Jordan asks Mads why she refuses to acknowledge what's between them, then they kiss.

Don't Forget That You Love Me - Sunny Side Up

Don't Forget That You Love Me

Sunny Side Up

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Theresa & Dan talk about continuing the Derek Roger's investigation.

Something Incredible - Alex Petrounov

Something Incredible

Alex Petrounov

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Jordan tells Mads he owes Rebecca for the support she's given him.


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