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The Lying Game Soundtrack [2011]

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Episode 6

Episode 6 • Catch Her In The Lie

Come Back Down

Josh Logan

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Ethan receives flowers from Sutton asking him to the Flip Slide Formal; Theresa asks Dan why he never gets her flowers.

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Emma asks Ethan for help.

Blame Me - Ellery

Blame Me


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Mads gets a text from Emma; Alex complains about Mads choice is music and asks about her and Jordan and the dance.

Lemon Trees - Young Romans

Lemon Trees

Young Romans

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Laurel asks Ethan why they can't say anything about the twins.

You and I - Night Fevers

You and I

Night Fevers

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Jordan asks Laurel to ask him to the formal; Mads tries to make plans with Jordan for the formal.

We Lost Magic - Empires

We Lost Magic


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Ethan gets ready for the dance; Dan asks Theresa what she found out about Derek.

You And Me - Ben Rector

You And Me

Ben Rector

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Emma & Ethan dance and talk about Rebecca and all the secrets she's keeping; Ethan tells Emma what he overheard about Derek's money.

Last Kiss - Taylor Swift

Last Kiss

Taylor Swift

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Emma tells Thayer she feels like she screwed up things for Ethan, then tells him how grateful she is for all his support and they kiss.

Don't Give Up - Kari Kimmel

Don't Give Up

Kari Kimmel

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Jordan finds Mads sitting alone in the courtyard and tries to explain things to him; Laurel tells Mads about Thayer & Emma's plan.

All Of Your Heart - Fm Radio

All Of Your Heart

Fm Radio

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Rebecca & Ted talk about the dance and reminisce about their Sadie Hawkins dance in high school; Rebecca asks Ted to dance with her.

Do What You Do - 27

Do What You Do


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Ethan and Mads commiserate by the pool.

Ache - James Carrington

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Kristin & Alec reminisce, then kiss.


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