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Episode 5

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Episode 5 • Canon

Be Prepared

Laura Watkins

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Ella arrives at work & is confronted by the police.

Arms Of Darkness

Eric Ramsey

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Jonah films David for a documentary on Ella.

Honeycomb - Nadia Fay


Nadia Fay

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Riley invites Lauren to go wedding dress shopping.

Boots & Boys - Kesha

Boots & Boys


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Ella gets ready for her day; Lauren brings Ella a birthday cupcake; Jonah & David talk basketball.

24 Hours - Noisettes

24 Hours


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Caleb questions Ella about the police.

Teenage Runaway - Allan Gabay, Fernando Perdomo & John Sinclair / Online Production Music

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Jonah is accused of stealing a necklace.

There Goes The Night - The Stereo System

There Goes The Night

The Stereo System

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Violet shows off her bartending skills to Auggie.

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Lauren dances for her client, Frank.

Fire Burning - Sean Kingston

Fire Burning

Sean Kingston

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Jonah & Riley arrive at Coal for Ella's party; Ella opens her presents.

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Lauren meets a client.

Until We Bleed - Kleerup

Until We Bleed


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Lauren apologizes to Riley again; Jonah tells David he was wrong to accuse him; Lauren gets a call from Wendi; Auggies tells Violet that Kyra was fired.

Down - Jay Sean

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Jonah tells Riley his theory about David stealing the necklace; Lauren apologizes to Riley for missing their shopping date; Ella watches Jonah's video.

No Stopping

Justement Music

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Lauren interrupts Ella's conversation with Zaretti.


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