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Melrose Place (2009) Soundtrack [2009]

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Episode 4

Episode 4 • Vine

La La La

Ava Leigh

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David notices someone watching him & his date makeout; the gang hang out by the pool.

Now What - The Dailies

Now What

The Dailies

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Ella & Jane talk up the dress to Abby.

Who's Got Your Money - Tina Parol

Who's Got Your Money

Tina Parol

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Ella & Lauren talk about the new landlady, Jane.

We Got That Thing

Coco Crisp

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Jane phones Ella about Abby & the problems with her dress.

Shame On Me - Amanda Blank

Shame On Me

Amanda Blank

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Tobey cancels on Lauren; Victor asks Lauren if she's 'working'.

Hans Woodcock

Ratboy Cutz

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Ella & David discuss the party & Ella's deal with Jane.

Into Your Heart

Heather Marie Marsden

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Jonah tells Riley that Charlie Kitsis wants to see his film.

Face Drop - Sean Kingston

Face Drop

Sean Kingston

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Riley introduces Jonah to Charlie Kitsis.

Keep Your Ear To The Ground - Mike Barnet

Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Mike Barnet

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Riley & Jonah walk the red carpet.

The Rain - Calvin Harris

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Jonah & Riley meet up with Zac; David helps out in the kitchen at Coal.

Boom - Anjulie & Natalia Lafourcade

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Lauren gets stopped by hotel security; David & Ella plot to destroy Jane.

Cult Logic - Miike Snow

Cult Logic

Miike Snow

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David, Jonah, Riley & Ella's conversation is interrupted by Violet.


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