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Episode 3

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Season 3

Episode 3 • I Can't Get Over You To Save My Life

That's Why We Roll

Thompson Square

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Luke & Rayna have photos taken for their press kit, then are told their hashtag name is 'Ruke'.

Before You Leave

Josh Farrow

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Zoey & Gunnar inform Avery they have a gig the next day.

If Your Heart Can Handle It

Chris Carmack & Aubrey Peeples

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Layla & Will rehearse a song for the cameras.

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Avery's version)

Jonanthan Jackson, Sam Palladio & Chaley Rose

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Avery, Gunnar & Zoey perform; Scarlett spots Maddie at the concert and drags her out of there.

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Gunnar runs into an old friend, Kiley; Zoey tells Gunnar she needs help with Avery.

When You Open Your Eyes

Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen

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Gunnar works on the song he wrote with Scarlett as Zoey joins him.

Shut Me Up

Old Dominion

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Scarlett arrives for Avery, Zoey & Gunnar's performance; Maddie joins her friends for a concert.

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Juliette rehearses; Glenn & Emily comment on how poorly Juliette looks; Juliette complains about Zoey's singing then walks off the stage.

Fall Underneath


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Juliette chats with her co-star, then tells him she's feeling sick.

Ghost Town

Will Chase

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Rayna runs into Sadie Stone at Luke's concert, then they are joined by Jeff.

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Jonanthan Jackson

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Avery sings; Juliette listens to her messages; Deacon sees Rayna & Luke's photo in the newspaper.

Good Woman, Good To Me

Will Chase

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Luke serenades Rayna with the song he wrote for her.

Like You Do


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Avery tells the girl from the bar he can't have sex with her.

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Scarlett drives Maddie home as they talk about being artists.

That's Alright

J Greene & The Steady

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Zoey tries to convince Avery he can't drive home, then she overhears Gunnar talking with Kiley.


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