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Episode 4

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Episode 4 • I Feel Sorry For Me

Not My Time


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Zoey is asked if she's seen Avery, then she finds Scarlett & Gunnar chatting in the supply room.

The Night Is Still Young

Charles Esten & Brette Taylor

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Pam joins Deacon as he works on a song.

Joy Parade (a capella version) - Lennon & Maisy Stella

Joy Parade (a capella version)

Lennon & Maisy Stella

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Rayna & Jeff bicker as Maddie & Daphne start performing at a school benefit.

Come See About Loving Me - Amy Blaschke

Come See About Loving Me

Amy Blaschke

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Rayna tries on a potential wedding dress, then is informed a bunch of photographers are waiting outside the shop.

Gasoline & Matches

Nikki Lane

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Sadie drives Rayna as they are followed by the press.

All Along - Feather & Belle

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Rayna complains about the press presence as Sadie takes her picture.

40 Watt - Elel

40 Watt


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Gunnar surprises Zoey with a going away party; the guests make a toast to Zoey.

Latter Years - Twiggs

Latter Years


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Zoey confronts Scarlett over all the time she's spending with Gunnar.

Don't Call Me On The Phone - Beach Day

Don't Call Me On The Phone

Beach Day

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Gunnar tries to keep a drunk Avery from driving; Avery accuses Scarlett of being the reason he & Juliette broke up.

Dr. Feelgood - The Mavericks

Dr. Feelgood

The Mavericks

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Deacon & Pam discover the tour buses left without them, then buy a motorcycle to catch up.

State Line - Cooder Graw

State Line

Cooder Graw

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Deacon & Pam chat over coffee.

Gasoline & Matches - Connie Britton & Laura Benanti

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Rayna performs with Sadie after she announces signing with Highway 65.


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