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Episode 18

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Season 3

Episode 18 • Nobody Knows But Me

The Real Thing

Christina Aguilera

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Jeff shows up at Jade St. John's rehearsal.

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Caleb finds Scarlett watching a video of her & Gunnar's performance; Will complains when he hears Gunnar listening to the Triple Exes video.

Spinning Revolver

Chris Carmack

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Will records a new song.

Come With Me

Bad Taxi

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Jeff works to convince Jade to allow Layla to open for her, then Jade proposes a trade.

Second Wave

Yumi Zouma

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Ben interviews Avery, Gunnar & Scarlett about their band.



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Luke gives Colt advice on what to buy Maddie; Maddie arrives at Jade's concert and thanks her mom for letting her come; Rayna thanks Luke for their chat the day before.

Heart In A Bottle

The Cerny Brothers

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Ben compliments the Triple Exes on their performance, Caleb tells Scarlett their performance was amazing.

All That You Know

Los Colognes

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Gunnar asks Caleb how he met Scarlett, then Scarlett intervenes.

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Gunnar & Scarlett tell Avery their interview is over, then Gunnar suggests they invite the reporter to a performance with all three of them.

My Heart Don't Know When To Stop

Aubrey Peeples

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Layla performs as an opener at Jade's concert; Rayna & Jeff bicker over his role in Layla's career, then Rayna warns him managers get fired all the time.

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The Triple Exes perform; Will spots Kevin talking to another guy in the audience.



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Deacon asks Rayna if they can head home, then tells Luke that about his cancer.

Name On A Matchbook

Springtime Carnivore

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Luke is introduced to Jade.

The Real Thing

Christina Aguilera

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Jade St John performs; Luke tells Jeff he'll take him up on the introduction to Jade.


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