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Nashville Soundtrack [2012]

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Episode 19

Episode 19 • The Storm Has Just Begun

Homegrown - Zac Brown Band


Zac Brown Band

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Juliette's red carpet photo session is cut short by Luke & Jade's arrival; Teddy thanks Rayna for letting the girls sit at the Mayor's table with him; Deacon gets a call from his doctor as he & Rayna head for the red carpet.

Drunk For That - Curtis Grimes

Drunk For That

Curtis Grimes

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Rayna tells the girls and Teddy that Deacon needs to head to the hospital for a liver transplant.

Cheats Drugs and Lovers - Tony Kerr

Cheats Drugs and Lovers

Tony Kerr

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Luke introduces Jade to Will; Teddy informs Luke that Deacon's getting a liver transplant; Layla & Jade bond over their issues with Jeff; Juliette tells Bucky she wants to get in the studio.

Skip The Line - Sugar & The Hi Lows

Skip The Line

Sugar & The Hi Lows

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Bucky assures Juliette that he'll get her onto the stage; Jeff insults Juliette, then shoots down Layla's suggestion she get a permanent position opening for Jade.

This Time - Connie Britton, Charles Esten, Lennon & Maisy Stella

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Rayna, Deacon & the girls rehearse a song together.

Smallest Town On Earth - Josh Grider

Smallest Town On Earth

Josh Grider

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Luke makes a toast to Will & Kevin, then blanks introduces his date, Chad.

Nothing More Than Everything To Me - Christopher Owens

Nothing More Than Everything To Me

Christopher Owens

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Layla & Jeff bicker after he tries to pull her way from Jade.

She Is - Zane Williams

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Luke tells Jade not to listen to Juliette, then suggests they head somewhere else.

Have A Little Faith In Me

Maisy Stella & Will Chase

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Daphne & Luke open the fundraiser with a duet; Rayna joins Maddie in the hospital chapel.

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Teddy thanks Layla for her performance as Juliette & Avery start to leave; Jade offers Layla a position as opener on her tour; Juliette tells Jade she doesn't belong in Nashville.

Hot Summer Nights

Whiskey Falls

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Jade tells Luke she thinks The Bluebird is too intimate of her to play.

Crash and Burn - Carolina Story

Crash and Burn

Carolina Story

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Layla asks Will for a ride home, then he questions her relationship with Jeff.

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Layla informs Jeff she's going on tour with Jade, then promises not to throw him away.

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Jade performs one of Luke's songs at The Bluebird; Rayna kisses Deacon as he's wheeled into the operating room; Scarlett, Rayna & Maddie sit together in the waiting room; Will sees Kevin & Chad leaving together; Deacon is put under for surgery.



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