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The O.C. Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 24

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Season 2

Episode 24 • Dearly Beloved

Twenty Two Fourteen

The Album Leaf

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Sandy drops Kirsten off at the rehab clinic & they say their goodbyes.

You're Not The Law

The Dead 60's

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At the Bait Shop, Jess shows up to get Trey to help her with a drug deal she has planned for later that night.

Hot Ride

The Prodigy

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Jess's drug deal with the Garden Grove guys goes down at the Bait Shop, & when they try to screw her over she pulls a gun & creates pandemonium by firing off a round or two inside.

Hide and Seek

Imogen Heap

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The song is playing as a funeral procession of cars arrives for Caleb's funeral, all Newport gathers to pay their respects. Later the song plays at the end of the episode.

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Kirsten & Hailey drive back from the day spa together & Hailey sees how tense & anxious Kirsten is.

An Honest Mistake

The Bravery

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The gang goes to the Bait Shop to get away from the wake (and Kirsten's drinking), & when they run into Trey, Marissa doesn't hide how much she hates him.

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Summer comes to hang out with Seth & console him about his grandfather, but Seth confides that he is even more worried about his mom.

El Manana


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Before the funeral, tension between Marissa & Julie finally turns into a warm moment between them.


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