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The O.C. Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 21

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Season 3

Episode 21 • The Dawn Patrol

Waiting For You

Ben Harper

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Ryan leaves Albuquerque, Sandy puts some files in a safe, Marissa comes to her mother crying and Taylor tries to cheer up Summer.

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Again at Volchok's party, this song plays as Marissa saves Heather from getting gang raped in the van.

Foxy Foxy

Rob Zombie

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The party at Volchok's continues. Marissa notices one of Volchok's friends putting a white substance in a beer he then gives to Heather.

Any Sound

The Vines

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This song plays as Volchok and his rowdy friends wake Marissa up as she is sleeping at Volchok's pad.

Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes

Sun Kil Moon

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You hear this songs as Ryan leaves the Diner after inviting his mom to his graduation, and Seth sits in his room, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling.

A Picture of Me (Without You)

George Jones

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This song plays from the Jukebox in a bar in Albuquerque. Ryan and Chloe talk about his mom and then they slow dance.


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