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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 1

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Season 5

Episode 1 • Four Years, Six Months, and Two Days

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Lucas remembers the gang saying goodbye four years ago.

American Beauty

Salme Dahlstrom

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Music meeting.

You've Got What It Takes


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Flashback of Nate being drafted.

What U Gonna Do

Lil Coe

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Peyton & John discuss the music business.

Light Up The Sky


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Brooke runs her company; Peyton talks with her boss.

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Brooke fires her model friend.

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Lucas suffers from writer's block & talks to his editor.

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Peyton plays a demo for John & his staff.

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Brooke & Nick walk the red carpet.

Green Gloves

The National

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Brooke leaves town; flashback of Nate getting injured.

The Freshman (acoustic)

The Verve Pipe

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Nate gets out of his wheelchair to embrace his son; Peyton & Brooke discuss happiness; Peyton meets Brooke at the airport.

Slow Show

The National

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Montage of Peyton walking, Brooke being interviewed & Lucas trying to write.

Come Undone (acoustic)

Jackson Waters

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Montage of the gang; Peyton calls a friend.

Fake Empire

The National

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Haley & Jamie talk about Nate; Peyton meets up with Lucas.


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