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Episode 17

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Season 6

Episode 17 • You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight

After Afterall

William Fitzsimmons

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Peyton tells Lucas she wants the baby; the baby kicks.

Are You Lightning

Nada Surf

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Haley & Nate celebrate their anniversary.

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Brooke freaks out over Justin declaration of love; Millie picks up her things from Mouth's place.

One Of Those Days

Joshua Radin

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Dan joins Deb in babysitting Jamie; Peyton collapses.

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Nate suggets Haley goes back on tour.

Lost Forever

Guggenheim Grotto

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Julian tries to figure out why Brooke freaked out.

A Piece For You

Meaghan Smith

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<span style="letter-spacing: 0px;">Julian gives Brooke one more chance to say she loves him.</span>

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Dan's heart pager goes off; Nate & Haley talk in bed; Millie drives to New York as Mouth tucks her glasses in a drawer; Julian cancels on Brooke; Peyton tells Lucas it will be okay.


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