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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 19

Episode 19 • Every Picture Tells A Story

Enough To Let Me Go - Switchfoot

Enough To Let Me Go


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Brooke surprises Julian with breakfast in bed for his last day of shooting; Clay imagines seeing Sarah on the beach, then he tells Quinn about his visions; Brooke almost catches Victoria & Alexander kissing; Mouth tells Lauren they have to come clean to Skills.

You're Gonna Break My Heart Someday - The Idyllists

You're Gonna Break My Heart Someday

The Idyllists

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Quinn's gallery opening; Quinn shows Clay her 'live art' project; Skills joins up with Lauren & Mouth.

Car Crash - Wakey! Wakey!

Car Crash

Wakey! Wakey!

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Grubbs & Miranda work on his album; Haley reassure Quinn her opening will be great, the Quinn gives her a picture of their mom as a thank you; Skills tells Mouth he moved back to be with Lauren; Quinn & Clay open the gallery.

Control - JJ Heller


JJ Heller

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Skills tells Grubbs about losing Lauren; Mouth & Lauren drive home in silence; Quinn & Haley talking about missing their mom.

Let You Go - Noush Skaugen

Let You Go

Noush Skaugen

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Haley tells Quinn she's buying her 'Sisters' photo; Brooke, Julian, Alex & Josh arrive at the gallery; Katie watches Clay; Skills tells Lauren he loves her & he shouldn't have left; Julian's father shows him the sex tape of Alex & Josh.

Who Who - Midnight Hour

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Quinn introduces Katie to Clay; Grubbs tells Miranda he doesn't want anyone else; Clay confronts Katie about her actions & tells her she has to leave; Julian tells Alex he's going to help her.

August Moon - Dylan In The Movies

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Julian confronts Alex about the sex tape; Lauren tells Mouth about her conversation with Skills & that she has feelings for him; Miranda tells Grubbs that she's being deported back to England; Brooke complains to Alexander about her mother; Alex yells at Josh about the sex tape.

Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss

Rock and Roll All Nite


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Nate & Jamie play Guitar Hero.

All For The Taking - Turtle Giant

All For The Taking

Turtle Giant

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Julian tells Brooke about the sex tape; Quinn tells Clay that someone bought his portrait.

Make You Feel My Love - Adele

Make You Feel My Love


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Haley & Nate talk about having another child; Grubbs proposes to Miranda.

Substitutes - The Windupdeads


The Windupdeads

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Nate reads 'Lord Of The Flies' to Jamie, then he asks Jamie to watch out for Haley while he's away at training camp; Brooke asks Haley how she's doing, then ends of admitting that she can't have kids; Julian & his father discuss what to do about the sex tape; Alexander tries to convince Victoria they need to tell Brooke about their affair.

Black Tables - Other Lives

Black Tables

Other Lives

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Josh apologizes to Alex for making the sex tape; Clay tells Quinn that Katie is the tennis player he wouldn't sign & then he shows her a picture of Sarah; Julian tells Brooke he never stopped loving her; Haley cries by the pool.



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